On the Music Immersion program:

“I had a wonderful email from a volunteer this morning and her description of yesterday at the Pines warmed my heart and my eyes were brimming with more than a few tears. I guess that things went extremely well — the children were responsive and the episode of (name) and her grandmother was transforming. Thank you so much for all that you have done to make this work.”

–Jane Smith

From a choir member:

“Thanks for the great anthem and postlude Sunday. It is exciting to sing with our choir under your direction.”

–Steve Allen

From a pastor and choir member:

“I love singing with the choir and I know that you would too. Part of this is due to our outstanding new music director. Since joining us during the summer Heidi has already proved herself to be a virtuoso. In addition to her talents on the organ and piano, Heidi has also graced our worship with music from the violin, a recorder, and has a pitch perfect soprano voice. Her strengths are myriad but what impresses me the most is her talent as a choral director…under Heidi’s direction I can feel myself growing as a singer. She gives instruction without making me feel patronized or defensive. She is also patient and understanding with my non-traditional schedule and the fact that I cannot make all rehearsals due to other obligations. You really need to join the choir! Heidi is fun and the choir members are cool…I plan to sing in the choir as much as possible and that is all thanks to Heidi and her fantastic prowess as a music director coupled with tenderness and kindness when we hit flat notes.  We are so lucky to have her.”

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