Monthly Archives: January 2014

A Singing Circle at RHCAN in Red Hook continues!

This program has been so successful that I am going to continue it in February.

Date: Sundays, beginning Feb. 9, 7-8pm.

Location: Red Hook Community Arts Network Gallery, 7516 N. Broadway, Red Hook, NY.  This is right next to the CVS near the main intersection of town.

Cost: $10 per session.

Description: You don’t need to consider yourself a singer to join this workshop! We will gather for the fun of singing together; you may know some of the songs and some of them may be new.  We will sing some old and new songs, add some movement and maybe even dancing!  It will be both meditative and fun. Come with an open mind and ready to try new things! 5-15 participants.

Contact me through my website or email to register!